Is your preference for males or females – or maybe you’re fortunate enough to find both sexes equally attractive? Certainly, that’s the case for many escorts who like nothing more than a bit of couples’ action – one of either gender. And why not? Why should we be restricted in this day and age of embracing transgenderism?  

Actually, personally I prefer to be with women. There’s something special about being an escort for another lady, I find. Not only does it require an added round of preparation when it comes to dressing and make-up (for they are nothing if not expert themselves), but I end up having so much more fun.

An instant ‘sisterhood’ connection

For a start I can definitely connect better with a woman. There is an instant easiness there that I don’t always find with male clients. Then there is the emotional side. Women also prefer to get down to the nitty gritty of conversations and relationships rather than just make small talk all evening like many male clients do. For instance, women clients always ask me what it’s like being an escort and if I enjoy it. Then they go on to ask me about particular encounters – the best, funniest etc. Don’t worry incidentally if any previous or current clients are reading this; I’m always the soul of discretion! And your name will always remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, I really don’t think I’m alone in feeling this ‘love for the sisterhood’ either. At least 50 per cent of the gorgeous girls I work with here at Girl Escorts London say they don’t mind whether their client is male or female and a further 10 per cent say they prefer hooking up with females to males.

When female interests and passions combine

And actually – joy of joys – there are times when I’ve actually gone shopping with a female client (yes, and being paid for it!) because she wants a professional opinion – and from someone who is interested in what she tries on (unlike her husband). At other times I have accompanied high-powered female business clients to conferences abroad (they didn’t want to go all that way and not know anyone or have some guaranteed fun).

These days it’s not uncommon for heterosexual girlfriends to go away on holiday together – or even to buy or rent a house together when they are into their 40s or 50s. So, turning up to foreign conferences with another female (albeit one some of the other delegates have never heard of before, never mind clapped eyes on), results in no curious glances whatsoever. Maybe a little batting of eyelashes, but that’s only because we may both find another female delegate attractive. However, at that point I’m only allowed to look and definitely not touch! Well, not if I want my fee at the end of the day, anyway…To book a feisty and extremely friendly female escort for yourself just call or send us an email via the contact page at  We look forward to hearing from you!

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